Jio Coin to be the India’s Bitcoin “Rumors on WhatsApp and Social Media”


We are hearing quite a lot about the Indian Bitcoin launch, RBI is in plans with launching its own Indian Govt backed Bitcoin using the block chain technology and ban Bitcoin in india to the launching of new Indian version of Bitcoin named as “Laxmicoin” probably the first legal cryptocurrency in india. we have also heard a lot about a Cryptocoin named as “Rupee Coin” is being traded in most of the exchanges but we don’t see it as an indian version of Bitcoin.

A new rumor doing rounds on social media and whatsapp groups, that is “JIO COIN” a Digital Currency claimed to be the first indian bitcoin going to be launched and its initial coin offering (ICO) date is to be announced before the start of new year 2018. The Cryptocurrency of india named as Jio Coin is rumored to be backed by the founders Reliance Industries Chairmen ” Mukesh Ambani” after the successful launch of its mobile telecom company “JIO” and shaking the telecom industry in india, Mukesh plans to shake the Crypto dominant coin “Bitcoin” and replace it with ” Jio Coin”

First it was Rupee Coin, then it’s Laxmi Coin scheduled to have its ICO in the month of march 2018 and have its first Laxmi Coin Conference in Jaipur on 7th February 2018 and announce it whitepaper and now we hear a new rumor of Jio Coin. If Jio Coin ICO is not a rumor then its going to be the biggest rival to Bitcoin and other altcoins especially the indian version of coins. moreover Jio Coin is heard to be based out of ethereum (ETH) backed platform and considering the past history of Mukesh Ambanis product launches, indian’s are very much sure about its success in as an Indian Bitcoin and will lead the indian cryptocurrency market in the longterm .