Top 5 Real Estate Bloggers & Influence Marketers in India


Searching insightful real estate Bloggers? Close more home sales? Latest in Real Estate news?  Or maybe you’re looking for real estate advice on how to start your own real estate entrepreneurship ? You’re in real luck. We’ve googled the web for the most helpful real estate blogs other than ours that cover real estate industry information and put together the list below of the Top 5 Real Estate Blogs of 2017.

Our intention for this real estate bloggers list is to provide descriptions of sources we believe provide actionable insight to the real estate industry. We have found that the real estate blogs listed regularly provide intelligent real estate content that both new and seasoned real estate experienced professionals can benefit from.

Before we dive into the details on this topic, we will be listing down only the four Real Estate Bloggers In India who are Ranked Between Number 2 and Number 5 and skipping the No.1 Real Estate Blogger in India from the list. The Reason for skipping the Top Ranked Real Estate Blogger & real estate influencers in india is ” I Can’t write review about myself i,e my own blog “Markuting” Which is Ranked No1. by Google and is the first and Oldest Real Estate Blog with its presence online since 2003. Yes the Real Estate Blog “Markuting” has crossed 14 Yrs of online presence now.

Lets have the list starting from Top 2 Ranked Real Estate Blogger in India :

2.  Kumar Saurabh – Founder & Real Estate Blogger for which has its online presence since 2011 and has now 5 plus years of experience in Real Estate Blogging & Influence Marketing . Mr.Saurabh is a Bengalurian and conducted Real Estate Award Events in order to give contribution and motivate the Real Estate Industry Developers. His next Realty Fact Awards 2017 is scheduled in mumbai dated 3rd March 2017.

3. Altaf K Hussain – Founder & Managing Director for which incidentally also found in the year 2011  and is also a top Real Estate Blogger & Influence Marketer in India . ALtaf again comes with an experience of five years and is operating from his bengaluru office.

4. Harsha Sagar- Founder for Real Estate Blog named after his name , His Real Estate blog was also found in the year 2011 and it mostly publishes new Real Estate Project Launch updates . Harsha Sagar is not so popular when it comes to Influence Marketing .

5. – The founder of the blog is not known but it started its online presence into Real Estate blogging in August 2016.

How to get your real estate blog into this list of top best real estate blogs of India?

Want to see your real estate blog on the best Indian Real estate blog list?

If you have a real estate blog that comes within the criteria mentioned above and you want to see it chartered blogger, I welcome you to email me ( with the details mentioned below:

  • Alexa ranking of your site (must be below 100,000)
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Final thoughts about the BEST Indian real estate blogs:

I tried my best to compile the list of best Indian real estate blogs to showcase at one place and I hope you like the list of these popular real estate blogs in India. All the real estate blogs mentioned here are of real estate blogging, review related real estate blogs, top Indian real estate blogs etc. If you think you deserve to be a part of this list, email me at with your Alexa rank, Domain Authority, personal photo and the URL of your real estate blog. If I think your real estate blog suits to be in the list, I’ll add it to the best Indian real estate blogs category.

Note: I did not include any free real estate blog that are created on and type of websites. I’m willing to include just self-hosted real estate blogs into this list of most popular real estate blogs from India. if you had noticed you would have known, all real estate blogs that are mentioned into this list have Alexa Rankings less than 100,000. This page will be updated after every 90 days, if your real estate blog is not active by then, it will be replaced with another real estate blog!

What are your views on these real estate blogs? How many of these top real estate bloggers do you already follow? Or do you have any other top real estate bloggers that you’d want to see here? Kindly reach out to me in the comment section.

About the Author : Farhan Rasheed , Bengaluru is the founder of this blog “Markuting” and was found in year 2003 and also has Real Estate Sales Experience of 14 Yrs. Farhan has worked with top Real Estate Builders in Bengaluru and has now taken his Real Estate Blogging Career as his Full Time Career .